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Current page views and uniques

Currently in conjuction with our sister site Electronic Projects and Electronics Tutorials receive 200+K page views per month from 64+K unique visitors. - source (Apr/May 2001).

These figures represent an enormous growth since August 1999 where page views were 4,170 from 1,985 unique visitors - source (Aug/Sept 1999).

Monthly Newsletter

Similarly there has been enormous growth in the opt-in "Monthly Newsletter" over the same period with a current subscription of 2000+ persons and now growing at an average net rate of 275 per month.


Based on feedback to date, over 60% of site visitors are US residents, are either studying for or have completed a degree in some technological discipline and are typically aged 25 to 59. Many a technicians, engineers, college or university lecturers.

For the month of April, 2001 our log files gave this report on visitor countries.

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Banner advertisements of a standard 468 X 60 size promoting products and / or services consistent with site content will be considered for inclusion for whole of site run. Adult content will NOT be considered. Banner advertisements will be placed "above the line" .

Whole of sites plus two X one monthly newsletter text advertisements, per month contract, $US 990.00 per calendar month or $US2,700.00 for three months (subject to alteration without notice).

Guaranteed minimum whole of sites impressions of 200,000 plus two X one monthly newsletter text advertisements for the contract rate.

Sites are currently unavailable until 30th June, 2001. However you can register your interest .

Search engine and Directory positioning

Both sites are favourably placed with both search engines and directories. Search engine positioning for chosen keyword phrases is such that approximately 85% of visitors go directly to specific pages rather than home pages. Over 25% of visitors return through book marking of the sites.


All rates are net and are subject to change without notice. Payment in full is required before any banner is displayed. Payment is to be made in American Dollars only. We will accept Cheques or Money Orders.

All future banner advertisements will be in the form of a Javascript include file or Server Side Include (SSI) subject to your approval. We will co-operate with any reasonable tracking requests for verification purposes.

All terms and conditions subject to change without notice. All errors and omissions are excepted.

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