Links to prominent ham radio sites. Marvellous electronics project kits and modules. Amateur science resources, kids' science projects and activities, Tesla coil construction, physics teaching articles, electricity articles.


AMATEUR RADIO, ELECTRONICS TUTORIALS AND ELECTRONIC PROJECTS. The original humble site offered by yous truly Ian Purdie VK2TIP.

A GREAT HAM RADIO SITE from a mate of mine Rod Dinkins AC6V

THE SCIENCE HOBBYIST - very interesting. Amateur science resources, kids' science projects and activities, science textbook errors, Tesla coil construction, physics teaching articles, electricity articles, electrostatics projects. Weird science archives including antigravity, free energy, ball lightning, anomaly reporting, build-it projects, free energy discussion group. Very content heavy, link collections too.

COMPREHENSIVE AMATEUR RADIO SITE, the home of Ham-Links. Ham-Links is a collection of over 4500 Ham Radio sites verified every week. This site also is a great Amateur Radio / Ham Radio reference site. Check out the Ham News. Check out our Ham Trader area it is a dedicated Ham Radio Classified Ads area.

TOMI ENGDAHL'S ELECTRONICS INFORMATION WEB SITE which has nearly everything that the electronics engineer and hobbyist need to find from the Web. A site to blow your mind away.

THE NORCAL PAGE, QRP, LOW POWER AMATEUR RADIO: By Jerry Parker WA60WR, the low power amateur radio QRP resource page. Generous amount of ham radio projects of the absolute highest calibre.

ELECTRONIX EXPRESS: Home of Electronic Components and Test Equipment. Distributor of electronic components, test equipment and tools. We specialize in custom electronics kitting and value-added services. Free catalog available. Electronics for Schools, Colleges and Industry.

HAM RADIO: Clocks, Electronic Kits. Offers a growing line of Electronic Kits, Ham Radio & QRP accessories, and unique gadgets.

HAM RADIO: A collection of homebrew projects for the amateur radio enthusiast. A few projects include full constructional articles, but most have just schematic diagrams and a few notes. See photos of many of these items by taking a tour through VK3YE's QRP shack.

ALMOST ALL DIGITAL ELECTRONICS: makes hobby kits, assembled units and software for electronics hobbyists, engineers and radio amateurs.

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