A free monthly newsletter from the Home of some of the greatest electronics tutorials on the WWW
A free monthly newsletter from the Home of some of the greatest electronics tutorials on the WWW.




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Greetings for the forthcoming seasons in your part of the world. May peace,
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2. My questions?

Nobody bothered to answer last month's question. "We have some very interesting
and high profile electronics people among our subscribers. How about a
brief 'Subscriber Profile' each month?"

Could we try again please? Your views, opinions etc. I reckon Dr. Vince
Bello would be my first choice.

Have you seriously considered joining our Electronics "Questions and Answers
News Group"?

This is a mutual help group with a very professional air about it. I've
learn't things. Not for absolute newcomers to ask questions BUT an excellent
learning resource for lurkers.


3. Projects in pipeline

Still adding pages as time permits. I have even further improved site navigation.
You can now offer a rating for every page at https://www.electronics-tutorials.com/
unfortunately for the moment I can't use this facility at my original site
http://my.integritynet.com.au/purdic/ because I don't have access to that
server but I'm working on it - Javascript again. An excellent source of
feedback for me. You're anonymous unless you choose to reveal your email

Of course you should be aware you can also "tell a friend" about any individual
page which you feel would be of interest to them, haven't I got a handle
on all this technology? <G>.

Among the new pages is one I have often been asked about.

This is simply a low pass filter with one additional capacitor to act as
an harmonic trap.


4. What I'm personally up to - if you must know

Nothing special. Awaiting the imminent birth of grand-children numbered
15 & 16 respectively - TRUE.


5. Updates

We've gone to a twice monthly newsletter.

A site I particularly like and recommend is "How Stuff Works!". Latest
edition includes:

How the Microsoft Xbox Will Work -
  Microsoft's XBox has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry
when it is released next year! See how it will work!

How Carnivore Works -
  The FBI's Carnivore system has been in the news lately because it allows
the FBI to tap into a person's network connection -- the FBI can intercept
email and everything else the person does on the net! Learn how Carnivore

How a Pop-Up Turkey Timer Works -
  Many of the turkeys sold in America for Thanksgiving this year come with
an amazing piece of technology -- the pop-up timer! It tells you when the
turkey is done. Learn how pop-up timers work!

How Holographic Environments Will Work -
  The Star Trek holodeck is the ultimate video game -- you are literally
immersed in the environment! See how tele-immersion will get us much closer
to that fantasy!


WAP - A Thumbs Down for Web Phones



6. A continuing plug for one of the most excellent electronics magazines

Have you invested $US 20.00 in the most excellent QRP-Quarterly magazine
yet - cheaper if you live in the USA? We have a goal here of 2,000 subscibers
in the year 2000.

Visit QRP Amateur Radio Club, International - special page for you alone:

Welcome friends from Ian Purdie http://america.net/~w4qo/purdie.html


7. Damn lies and "statistics"

Last month, November was 40,968 unique visitors (Oct. 31,387) looking at
a total of 132,058 page views (Oct. 89,192) - I still can't believe this
massive growth, thanks to everybody. Hits?, somebody asked me about hits,
they would run into the millions and are a meaningless number.

By way of comparison, November 1999 - same period last year, was 4,567
unique visitors looking at a total of 12,160 page views. Think about that!
Now I reckon at 10 cents each, mumble.... mumble....


8. Feedback

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Go there and "tell-a-friend" about that subscription page by email.

9. Real COOL but FREE! downloads -

This site I came across, ExpressPCB, provides FREE PCB drawing software
you can download. You can print it out and do your own thing OR better
yet submit the drawing electronically to have a prototype board manufactured.

As Stan from ExpressPCB explained it to me:

"There are two parts to ExpressPCB, free PC board layout software and a
low costs PC board manufacturing service. The ExpressPCB CAD software
runs with Windows 95, 98 or NT. Designing double-sided boards is a snap
with the program's very intuitive user interface. ExpressPCB manufactures
very high quality double-sided boards with plated-through holes. Their
board manufacturing is both very fast and economical. Most orders are
shipped the next business day and for as little as $59.
See http://www.expresspcb.com for all of the details."

FYI - I have no connection with ExpressPCB.


10. Club News

Mike (MM0CKR) and myself David (MM0AOF) are in the process of building
up a Scottish Amateur Radio portal site: http://www.cq-scotland.net It
is intended to be an interactive news, debate, advice and assistance facility,
drawing together individual ham operators and amateur radio clubs and
special interest groups in Scotland, and providing an interface with worldwide
amateur radio. We are voluntary and non-profit making - just felt there
was a need for something like this. Please feel free to have a tour on
the site and let us know what you think of it so far.


11. Science News

Research at Indiana University shows that men listen with only one side
of their brains, while women use both. But they stop short of supporting
women's complaints that men never listen. They say their research suggests
language processing is different between men and women, but it doesn't
necessarily mean performance is different. And Rochester University has
found where our sense of humour comes from - it's located in the right
frontal lobe of the brain above the right eye.


12. Home Computing News - from Intel

** Introducing the Intel Pentium 4 processor

Advanced technology for the Internet and beyond. Find out how our new high
end processor based on the all-new Intel(r) NetBurst(tm) micro-architecture
can help you maximise your personal computing experience. Get the most
out of today and tomorrow's Internet - check out the Intel Pentium 4 processor.



13. Humour (by ever popular demand) -

Sorry if I've told this one before!

Are You Qualified to be a Professional?

The following small quiz consists of 4 questions, it tells whether you
are qualified to be a professional. According to statistics of Andersen
World-wide, around 90% of the professionals failed the exam. Scroll down
for the answers.

The questions are not that difficult.

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe and close
the door. This question tests whether you are doing simple things in a
complicated way.

2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Wrong Answer: open the refrigerator, put in the elephant and close the

Correct Answer: open the refrigerator, take out of the giraffe, put in
the elephant and close the door. This tests your prudence.

3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference, all the animals attend
except one. Which animal does not attend?

Correct Answer: The Elephant! ...Still in the refrigerator! This tests
whether you have a comprehensive thinking.

OK, if you did not answer the last three questions correctly, this one
may be your last chance to justify your qualification to be a professional:

4. There is a river, which is lived in by crocodiles. How do you manage
to cross it?

Correct Answer: Simply swim through it. All the crocodiles are attending
the Animal Meeting!

I hope you got this one correct!


On the first day of school, a first grader handed his teacher a note from
his mother. The note read, "The opinions expressed by this child are not
necessarily those of his parents."


To put a further genuine smile in your day - Thanks to Chuck Mabbott AA8VS,
we have:


Which of course is a prudent guide to "flea speak" at Hamfests.



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72/73's and oink

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