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Hello Folks,

Yes well, how depressing the last few weeks have been. I sent out the Mid September newsletter a little earlier than usual, not knowing two hours later the entire world would be changed irrevocably forever. That last statement is a real fact, not an alarmist point-of-view.

I still can't come to terms with those sequence of events, I probably never will.

It will vividly live with me forever. This newsletter and our respective problems then immediately became so utterly trivial in comparison.

I can't say much that hasn't already been said thousands of times before and in so many other mediums. I think I'll just make these personal comments:

This newsletter goes out to every country in the world, my readers encompass every race, colour, creed, religion (is there a difference?) etc. Good fortune to everyone of you!.

I express my sincere views here without fear of anyone.

If we are going to declare war on terrorism then let it be world wide, not exclusively in one area and above everything else, let's eradicate the so many monstrous examples of "social injustice" which give rise to a feeling of abject despair in so, so many parts of our world.

Everyone on this planet is entitled to raise a family, house, feed, educate and clothe them in safety, barring accidents of "nature" over which none of us have any control.

Everyone is entitled to equal opportunity.

I try to be a good practising Catholic and I am "committed" to social justice for everyone on this planet.

The developed world comprises 15% of the world population yet it simply can not continue to consume 85% of the world's resources. Nor is might right. Let's respect one another and give everyone a fair go.

We don't need extremists of whatever race, whatever colour, whatever religion, all of which aspects of life are in my view wholly irrelevant [race, religion, colour etc.]

I choose to see the world at large as one great family of people. Just plain ordinary people like me and my family, nothing else. We are all neighbours, we should all try to be "good neighbours".

History has consistently proven over millenniums that these people [extremists] bring nothing but "ruin and sorrow" to everyone and of course as always the innocents suffer. Again in the end, history proves they [extremists] have never achieved anything but causing wholesale misery.

Obviously, if all of us on this planet enjoyed equally the same levels of freedom, safety, prosperity and opportunity to succeed, then these people [extremists] in any part of the world could never prosper. What does that tell you?

If you, as an individual, have opportunity and then you squander that opportunity, then so be it.

But, to be denied even the most basic of opportunity and fairness is a crime against humanity. No I don't see the world through "rose" coloured glasses.

I sometimes wonder what 90% of the world's population really think, that is if they had the time to really worry about it, beyond trying to care for their families.

My speculation is that I'm not entirely wide of the mark except for the minority who would treat my overall views with the utmost contempt and denigration.



Again welcome to the new style of Newsletter. Also of course welcome to our 132 new subscribers so far this month.

Of particular importance, I have just now been advised of six kind people who made most generous donations during September. Our collective grateful thanks. I'll write and thank each of them personally later today.



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2.     NEWS - RSGB and the Radiocommunications Agency


RSGB and the Radiocommunications Agency have made a joint announcement outlining a series of changes to amateur radio licensing which include lowering the Morse code speed requirement for full licensees, amalgamating some licence categories, allowing trainees to operate while supervised before passing an examination, and introduction of a Foundation Class licence.

With effect from the 1st of October 2001, the Novice Amateur Radio Licence will be re-named the 'Intermediate Amateur Radio Licence'.

Intermediate (A) licensees will be allowed access to all amateur bands.

Intermediate (B) will be allowed access to all amateur bands 50MHz and above. The final change to the amateur radio licensing structure prior to the World Radio Conference in 2003 will be the introduction of a new 'Foundation' licence at the beginning of 2002. This licence will provide access to most of the amateur bands, and restrict licensees to a maximum power of 10 watts RF output. Transmitting equipment will need to be commercially-manufactured items, or properly-designed commercial kits.

Study for the Foundation licence may be undertaken over a weekend, and is based on the tradition that amateur radio is a hobby learnt mainly through self-training. Further details are on the RSGB Internet site at



3.     LEARNING OPPORTUNITY - DSP and Communications systems

As an engineer designing DSP and Communications systems, do you find it a challenge to deliver increasingly complex designs on time while working within a compressed development cycle? Today, engineers are addressing this challenge by fully testing the behavior of their systems before committing to costly hardware and embedded software design.

Here are two great opportunities to learn how MathWorks products can give you the capability to streamline your design process and increase productivity.

Learning Opportunity 1
View the following Web seminars on TechOnLine:

DSP & Communications

This Web seminar features an overview of The MathWorks core products, MATLAB and Simulink and shows how System-Level Design can accelerate product development, reducing total design time, cost, and risk.

Learn how using MATLAB and Simulink give you the capability to:
* Design and test the behavior of systems and semiconductors early in the design process.
* Detect and correct design flaws before changes become expensive and cause delays.
* Create a clear system architecture specification.


This Web seminar demonstrates how to design control systems that are ideally suited to the development of complex, self-contained power systems, such as those found in automobiles, aircraft, manufacturing plants, and power utilities.

Learning Opportunity 2

If you are unable to view a Web seminar but would like to learn more about the benefits of using MATLAB and Simulink in your design process visit: to receive a free technical kit by mail.

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If you are at all like me then you quite often get confused by current world times.

Here is a nice utility to book mark for future use.


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5.     AN EXCELLENT ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE - entirely non-profit

Have you invested $US 20.00 in the most excellent QRP-Quarterly magazine yet - cheaper if you live in the USA?

Visit QRP Amateur Radio Club, International - special page for you alone:

Welcome friends from Ian Purdie


6.     CLUB NEWS!

Amazing, no one wanted to promote their Club or favourite interest!

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Surprise, surprise... no one has taken out an advertisement. So I'll run my own...

Electronics on video, what a great idea! I haven't viewed them myself, different television system. Remember U.S.A. and Canada only.


These VHS video's are brought to you by The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)NTSC format (US and Canada only)

Electronic Soldering Techniques
Teaches proper soldering methods and necessary equipment used on traditional electronics components and surface-mount devices.
 Electronic Soldering Techniques   ORDER - U.S.A. - Electronic Soldering Techniques - Usually ships within 24 hours.

Linear Power Supplies
Videotape covers detailed theory and troubleshooting of linear power supplies commonly found in electronics products.
 Linear Power Supplies   ORDER - U.S.A. - Linear Power Supplies - Usually ships within 24 hours.

Switch Mode Power Supply
CEA's video and activity booklet introduce you to the operation of these supplies that are much more sophisticated than conventional power supply circuits.
 Switch Mode Power Supply   ORDER - U.S.A. - Switch Mode Power Supply - Usually ships within 24 hours.

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If you see something other than an advertisement for Amazon CEA videos above PLEASE go to View | Source in your browser, save the file and send me a copy, your browser has probably been hi-jacked by insidious software.

What is "scumware"?


Are you infected? If you use Internet Explorer you can test! Look for "web surfers".


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9.     How Satellite Radio Works

Satellite radio is poised to change the way we listen to music. Find out how digital radio gets from Earth to satellite to you!




If you're curious today, or just jealous .

My weather at the moment!



 Building and Using Baluns and Ununs : Practical Designs for the Experimenter   ORDER - U.S.A. NOW Building and Using Baluns and Ununs : Practical Designs for the Experimenter - by Dr. Jerry Sevick, W2FMI.

BTW Jerry is not only a nice bloke, he's one smart cat! Yes it's through Amazon...



The growth was all over the place throughout September, no doubt due the world events and people's attention naturally focused elsewhere. Slight gains though.

FWIW as at the last day of the month:

Last month, September was 58,169 unique visitors (August 54,535) looking at a total of 168,756 page views (August 159,782) - New subscribers to this newsletter were of course 132, unsubscribes were a big total of 27 and I naturally had to delete 43 "bounced" last month .

I repaired an error which has for months been disallowing new subscribers from my old site. I wasn't aware of it until some thoughtful soul brought it to my attention. Thanks Robin.


13.     HUMOUR AND INSPIRATION (by ever popular demand) -

Terribly difficult this month. I haven't found much to laugh at, very little in fact. But I've seen a lot to get 'fired up' over.

Notably the ignorant fools who persist in sending email hoaxes perpetuating lies, myths and in some cases, outright slander. Before you send me or anyone else something you sincerely believe to be true, always check here first.



HERE'S ONE - From the 'famous' Dan Dooley

A man was reading the paper when an ad caught his eye:

$100 Porsche! New!

The man thought that it was very unusual to sell a Porsche for $100, and he thought it might be a joke or a typo. He soon decided it was worth a shot. He went to the lady's house and sure enough, she had an almost brand new Porsche.

"Wow!" the man said. "Can I take it for a test drive?" Unlike what he expected, the man found that the car ran perfectly and took it back to the lady's house.

"Why are you selling me this great Porsche for only $100?"

"My husband just ran off with his secretary, and he told me I could have the house and the furniture as long as I sold his Porsche and sent him the money."



Be on good terms with yourself, feel smug for the rest of this week. Go here and kindly DO something constructive for us all. donation.htm

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  That's all folks

72/73's and oink

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