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Amazon recently introduced Web Services. Having enrolled for my developer's token and downloaded the Web Services Development Kit, I elected to go for as a simplified an approach as was possible while fulfilling my aims.... Here's how I did it.

XSLT and FAQ's

What Are Common Problems Using "XML WEB SERVICES WITH XSLT"? What are some answers?

How I converted to the UK

Converting over to amazon web services - uk turned out to be far easier than I had originally expected, happy days. Firstly I took my main xsl sheet "asin-data-to-html.xsl" and saved it re-named as asin-data-to-html[UK].xsl. That was real creative. Please read on...

Forms with Tables for an Add to Cart

This page assumes you are comfortable with tables and can adapt them to fit your needs no matter how you choose to use Amazon Web Services, but you have a need to add mutiple items "to cart forms". I obviously used tables. So here we have simple add to cart forms using tables. Please read on...

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