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This book page largely refers to in Germany. If this is not particularly appropriate for yourself then you might prefer to try pages more specific to your locality. Titles unavailable from Amazon Germany may also be featured on this page

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I'm sometimes asked about the books I recommend and use. Here are my principal selections and my reasons in choosing them:

1.  I personally own and use most (but not all) of these titles, of course some of mine are the older editions. Others have been enthusiatically recommended and endorsed by contributors. Again some titles simply come up on a regular basis from Amazon reports, a kind of "what others recommend by buying". Often some of these titles come from solid recommendations from the Electronics Q&A group.

Recently, January 2002, McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing sent me a number of interesting titles to review personally. I will of course present these book reviews in coming weeks.

2.  If you are really serious at all about learning AND understanding electronics you need many of these books in your personal library.

3.  The very modest (about 5%) commission revenues earned on new book sales through Amazon here helps maintain and, more importantly, expand this FREE educational site.

Amazon pay no commissions on used books so I need to provide you with an alternative. Of course you need to consider what represents best overall value for yourself, that must be your paramount consideration.

Here are a few real quality books I can really personally recommend with absolute confidence, all written by highly respected authors, some who are personally known to me. Don't be put off by the word "amateur" in some of the titles, such as the famous "electronics bible", The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs these are comprehensive electronics reference and how-to-books.

Note disclosure: - I have affiliate programs with Amazon Books (FRANCE, GERMANY, JAPAN, U.K. & U.S.A.) and all details were correct when I last checked. Reviews - Portions copyright and/or respective publishers and/or authors.


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Die hohe Schule der Elektronik, Tl.1, Analogtechnik

von Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill

Book cover - Die hohe Schule der Elektronik, Tl.1, Analogtechnik

Die berühmte "Elektronik-Bibel" von Paul Horowitz und Winfield Hill braucht kaum mehr vorgestellt zu werden. Der erste Band des "besten Referenzbuches der Elektronik zum Selbstlernen" behandelt die Schaltungsgrundlagen und die gesamte Analog-Elektronik.Jetzt endlich die berühmte "Elektronik-Bibel" von Horowitz/Hill in Deutsch!
"Das beste Referenzbuch der Elektronik zum Selbstlernen", schreibt die britische "Radio Communication". Dieses Buch behandelt die gesamte elektronische Schaltungstechnik von ihrer praktischen Seite, "voll von durchdachten Schaltungen und klaren Erläuterungen, dabei mit einem erstaunlichen Minimum an mathematischen Formeln ..." (Scientific American). Der erste Band mit 588 Seiten behandelt die Schaltungsgrundlagen und die gesamte Analog-Elektronik




Book cover - The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2015
  • The ARRL Handbook 2015 edition. Up-to-date and always revised!
  • The ARRL Handbook on CD-ROM version 11.0. Included with every book.

About the 2015 Edition:

The ARRL Handbook is the greatest applied electronics and communications reference of all time (first published in 1926)! The content of this 85th edition reflects the latest aspects of today’s Amateur Radio: fundamental electronics concepts, components and building blocks, analog and digital radio design, troubleshooting techniques, antennas and much more. Comb through its pages, and you will quickly see why generations of radio amateurs, engineers and technicians have relied on its thorough coverage of theory, references and practical projects.

The 2010 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications uniquely serves both amateur experimenters and industry practitioners, emphasizing connections between basic theory and application. This 85th edition is both a useful introduction to radio communication and a source for answers to questions about every aspect of the state-of-the-art. Topics include Amateur Radio licensing requirements and operating activities, fundamental and advanced electronics and communications concepts, radio propagation and antenna theory, practical projects, repair techniques, references and much more.

The Handbook includes descriptions for new and emerging wireless technologies involving digital signal processing (DSP) innovations, and radio applications utilizing software and the internet. The book is filled with valuable references, practical examples and projects.

CD-ROM Included. The CD-ROM at the back of the book includes all of the fully searchable text and illustrations in the printed book, as well as companion software, PC board templates and other support files.

Always Revised!
New filter theory and design examples, including a HF/6 meter high-power low-pass filter project
Revised and expanded RF safety content—including new insights into RF safety regulations and research
New Projects:
o MKII updated universal QRP transmitter
o MicroR2 receiver and MicroT2 transmitter
o ID-O-Matic—10-minute ID timer for individual, repeater or beacon control
o Simple computer-to-transceiver serial port interface and USB interface
o Keying adapter to interface vintage radios with modern gear (CW keying or amplifier TR keying)
…and MORE!


 The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs - ARRL - A reference book I can highly recommended to everyone with absolute confidence

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Taschenbuch - 439 Seiten - Elektor Vlg., Aachen
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 1991

Book cover - Dreihundertvier Schaltungen

Bei diesem Buch handelt es sich um den fünften Band der "Dreihunderter-Reihe".
Der Verlag über das Buch
"304 Schaltungen" - das ist mittlerweile der fünfte Spross der "Dreihunderter-Buchreihe". 304 neue Schaltungsideen und neue Konzepte in einem Buch sind ein (fast) unerschöpflicher Fundus zu allen Bereichen der Elektronik: Audio, Video und Musik, Auto, Fahrrad und Motorrad, Haus und Hof, HF, Empfänger und Antenne, Hobbys und Spiele, interessante Bauelemente, Messen und Testen, Mikrocomputer, Musikelektronik, Oszillatoren und Generatoren, Stromversorgung und Netzgeräte und zu Themen, die sich...


   ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Dreihundertvier Schaltungen


by Ronald K. Jurgen (Editor), Ron Jurgen - Hardcover - 1,000 pages 2nd edition (February 28, 1999) McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing;

Book cover - Automotive Electronics Handbook
Book Description

Imagine? 1,000 hardcover pages of expert, A-to-Z coverage of every electronics system in today's cars. From antilock brakes to collision warning systems, automotive electronics figure prominently in the design of modern automobiles like never before. And, when it comes to taking you through this technology in an authoritative, accessible, one-stop format, no resource comes close to Jurgen's bestselling Automotive Electronics Handbook.

Whether you're an electronic engineer, mechanical engineer, technician, or an enthusiast working in the automotive industry or a related area, this indispensable reference is all you need to stay on top of the fast-moving world of automotive electronics. Featuring contributions from a "who's who" of experts from leading-edge companies like Chrysler, Bosch, Honda, Motorola, Intel, and Nissan, the revised and updated second edition builds on its successful predecessor's in-depth look at sensor and actuators, electronic systems, and components.

The result is an all-in-one, landmark guide to automotive electronics that's your best bet for easy, at-a-glance reference and fast answers to common problems.

Table of Contents - Contributors, Preface

Ch. 1. Introduction by Ronald K. Jurgen; Ch. 2. Pressure Sensors by Randy Frank; Ch. 3. Linear and Angle Position Sensors by Paul Nickson; Ch. 4. Flow Sensors by Robert E. Bicking; Ch. 5. Temperature, Heat, and Humidity Sensors by Randy Frank; Ch. 6. Exhaust Gas Sensors by Hans-Martin Wiedenmann, Gerhard Hotzel, Harald Neumann, Johann Riegel, Helmut Weyl; Ch. 7. Speed and Acceleration Sensors by William C. Dunn; Ch. 8. Engine Knock Sensors by William G. Wolber; Ch. 9. Engine Torque Sensors by William G. Wolber; Ch. 10. Actuators by Klaus Muller; Ch. 11. Automotive Microcontrollers by David S. Boehmer; Ch. 12. Engine Control by Gary C. Hirschlieb, Gottfried Schiller, Shari Stottler; Ch. 13. Transmission Control by Kurt Neuffer, Wolfgang Bullmer, Werner Brehm; Ch. 14. Cruise Control by Richard Valentine; Ch. 15. Braking Control by Jerry L. Cage; Ch. 16. Traction Control by Armin Czinczel; Ch. 17. Suspension Control by Akatsu Yohsuke; Ch. 18. Steering Control by Makoto Sato; Ch. 19. Lighting, Wipers, Air Conditioning / Heating by Richard Valentine; Ch. 20. Instrument Panel Displays by Ronald K. Jurgen; Ch. 21. Trip Computers by Ronald K. Jurgen; Ch. 22. On- and Off-Board Diagnostics by Wolfgang Bremer, Frieder Heintz, Robert Hugel; Ch. 23. Passenger Safety and Convenience by Bernhard K. Mattes; Ch. 24. Antitheft Systems by Shinichi Kato; Ch. 25. Entertainment Products by Tom Chrapkiewicz; Ch. 26. Multiplex Wiring Systems by Fred Miesterfeld; Ch. 27. Electromagnetic Standards and Interference by James P. Muccioli; Ch. 28. Electromagnetic Compatibility by James P. Muccioli; Ch. 29. Navigation Aids and Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems by Robert L. French; Ch. 30. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles by George G. Karady, Tracy Blake, Raymond S. Hobbs, Donald B. Karner; Ch. 31. Noise Cancellation Systems by Jeffrey N. Denenberg; Ch. 32. Future Vehicle Electronics by Randy Frank, Salim Momin; Index.


   ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Automotive Electronics Handbook - Ronald K. Jurgen (Editor)

TURN ON THE LIGHTS - FROM BED! : Electronic Inventions, Contraptions, and Gadgets Kids Can Build

by Robert Carrow, Rick Brown (Illustrator) - Paperback - 111 pages (December 9, 1996).

Book cover - Turn on the lights
From the Back Cover

Amazing, useful and educational gadgets kids can build! With the help of this book, children can have fun impressing family and friends with all kinds of cool electronic gadgets and contraptions. all the while, they'll be learning about electricity and radio waves. In addition to making these irresistible projects, children are encouraged to create their own inventions.

Ideal for middle school children, these useful and whimsical contraptions can be made with inexpensive, easy-to-find materials such as recycled toy parts and motors, flashlight batteries, and other everyday household items.

Simple-to-build gadgets and contraptions include: Remote-controlled fan; Mousetrap alarm; Canned laughter; "Someone's outside my door" light; Wireless magic tricks. Each thought-provoking activity comes with complete, clear instructions, but that's not all. Plenty of suggestions are included for varying and changing each project to help children brainstorm their own cool inventions.


 Turn on the Lights - From Bed!  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Turn on the Lights - From Bed!


by Kurt Gieck, Reiner Gieck - Hardcover - 572 pages 7th edition (August 28, 1997).

Book cover - Engineering Formulas
Book Description

A comprehensive revision of the famed pocket guide giving engineers, scientists and other specialists a wide range of technical and mathematical formulas in a handy format. Now including a new section on control engineering, this edition is updated throughout and includes 50 additional pages.

This perennial best-seller puts engineering formulas most used on the job at the user's fingertips.

Thoroughly practical and authoritative, it brings together in one source thousands of formulas and hundreds of diagrams to simplify all engineering and technical calculations.

Comprehensive section cover: Units, Areas, Solid Bodies, Arithmetic, Functions of a Circle, Analytical Geometry, Statistics, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Statics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Hydraulics, Heat, Strength, Machine Parts, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Radiation Physics, Chemistry, Tables.


 Engineering Formulas  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Engineering Formulas

HIGH SPEED DIGITAL DESIGN: A Handbook of Black Magic

by Howard W., Ph.D. Johnson, Martin, Ph.D. Graham - 384 pages.

Book cover - High Speed Digital Design
Book Description

Focused on the field of knowledge lying between digital and analog circuit theory, this new text will help engineers working with digital systems shorten their latest design problems. The scope of the material covered includes signal reflection, crosstalk, and noise problems which occur in high speed digital machines (above 10 megahertz). This volume will be of practical use to digital logic designers, staff and senior communitions scientist, and all those interested in digital design.

REVIEW: Very good balance of theory and practice, nice examples from the real world, must-read for anybody designing high speed digital logic and having PCB board design in mind.


 High Speed Digital Design  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - High Speed Digital Design - Versandfertig in 24 Stunden..


by Joe Carr, Keith Brindley, Joseph J. Carr - 344 pages.

Book cover - Newnes Electronics Engineer's Pocket Book
Book Description

* Core title in Pocket Book series. * Updated by leading US electronics author, Joe Carr. * Covers European and US practice.

Newnes Electronics Engineer's Pocket Book is a unique reference source concise but comprehensive, and designed to be an essential tool for a wide range of engineers and electronics enthusiasts.

This is a book written to be used, not to gather dust on a shelf, so unlike most reference books it is designed for the workshop and lab. This compendium includes: component data, IC pin-outs, tables, formulae, principles of circuit design, circuit diagrams and a substantial glossary of terms.

[Ian Purdie VK2TIP says:]
"There is no way I would be without my copy of this fine reference, you will wear it out with constant use..... Absolutely brilliant for students preparing for exams."

The second edition includes expanded material on circuit design covering amplifiers, bridge circuits, filters and lasers. The editor of the second edition is Joe Carr, a leading US electronics author who has published numerous books and magazine articles, including several titles with Newnes.


 Newnes Electronics Engineer's Pocket Book  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Newnes Electronics Engineer's Pocket Book


by Sheldon Charrett

Book cover - Electronic Circuits and Secrets of an Old-Fashioned Spy
Book Review

In this information-run-amok age of pencil-necked pencil pushers, who can an aggrieved party call on for an old-fashioned spy job? Why, an old-fashioned spy, of course! Let Sheldon Charrett, the last of the old-fashioned spies and author of Modern Identity Changer, show you how to build bugs or take advantage of those already in place (be they cordless phones, baby monitors or cell phones); assemble a DTMF decoder with LCD readout or decode the phone tones without one; construct a red box for free pay phone calls; map a cellular coverage area; modify a Mr. Microphone to broadcast outside the commercial FM band; crack answering machine passwords in seconds; make a crystal-controlled FM phone tap for those annoying subjects who refuse to use cordless phones; defeat digital and spread-spectrum cordless phones with an FM phone tap and much more!

Many of these procedures in this entertaining, fact-filled book have not been published anywhere, and the photos and drawings make following them a snap.

This is the book old-fashioned spies everywhere have been clamoring for. For academic study only.


 Electronic Circuits and Secrets of an Old-Fashioned Spy  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Electronic Circuits and Secrets of an Old-Fashioned Spy

TESLA : Man Out of Time

Margaret Cheney

Book cover - Tesla : Man Out of Time
Portrays the trailblazing nineteenth-century inventor, the man who introduced the fundamentals of robotry and computer and missile science and who harnessed the alternating electrical current used today. Reprint. - This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title


 Tesla : Man Out of Time  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Tesla : Man Out of Time


Stan Gibilisco - Paperback 660 pages.

See my book review

Book cover - Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics
I've now read this one and a great many people have purchased it through the general link to Amazon. Highly popular, I consider that in itself a considerable recommendation.

Editorial Reviews - Book News, Inc.

Presented as a self-instructional guide for professionals, hobbyists, and technicians desiring to competently enter the world of circuits (ac and dc), measuring devices, resistors, cells and batteries, semiconductors, computers, and the Internet. The author adopts an informal and visually-oriented style, estimating that a daily hour investment for eight months and taking the chapter-end multiple choice tests, in combination with no higher than junior high school level math and physical science, will earn self-didacts basic mastery in this area.

Book Description

In the field of introductory electronics, Stan Gibilisco wrote the book. Now this gifted teacher / author has updated his best-selling guide to reach audiences interested in the latest electronic technologies: wireless communications plus computers and the Internet. Like its predecessor, the Second Edition is a complete self-teaching tool. Because it assumes no prior technical knowledge, true novices can use it at their own pace to master the fundamentals of electronics for work or hobbies....

 Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics


Chris Bowick, WD4C

Book cover - RF Circuit Design
I have never read a better book on RF design. Chris's book is a constant reference for the serious RF designer. You will be amazed at the quality and the quantity of the content. - 176 pages


Hi Ian,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the book-shop department. I took your advice and bought the book by Chris Bowick. It's great. The material is very well presented and it is just right for about every level from beginner to engineer. Good choice!


Larry L. Beavers CPBE W1GTA, Assistant Chief Engineer, WBZ Newsradio 1030

Chris Bowick wrote to me recently - December, 2001 and, was very kind enough to share with us this update to his biography.

My edition of this book has chapters on:

Wire - resistors - Capacitors - Inductors - Toroids - Toroidal Inductor Design - Practical Winding Hints.

Resonant Circuits
Some definitions - Resonance (lossless components) - Loaded Q - Insertion Loss - Impedance Transformation - Coupling of resonant Circuits.

Filter Design
Background - Modern Filter Design - Normalization and the Low-Pass prototype - Filter Types - Frequency and Impedance Scaling - High Pass Filter Design - The Dual Network - Bandpass Filter Design - Summary of the Bandpass Filter Design Procedure - Band Rejection Filter Design - The Effects of Finite Q.

Impedance Matching
Background - The L Network - Dealing with Complex Loads - Three-Element Matching - Low Q or Wideband Matching Networks - The Smith Chart - Impedance Matching on the Smith Chart - Summary.

Transistors at Radio Frequencies - RF
The Transistor Equivalent Circuit - Y Parameters - S Parameters - Understanding RF Transistor Data Sheets - Summary

Small Signal RF Amplifier Design
Transistor Biasing - Design Using Y Parameters - Design Using S Parameters

RF Power Amplifiers
RF Power Transistor Characteristics - Transistor Biasing - Power Amplifier Design - Matching to Coaxial Feedlines - Automatic Shutdown Circuitry - Broadband Transformers - Practical Winding Hints - Summary

Appendices on Vector Algebra and Noise Calculations ( Types of Noise - Noise Figure - Receiver Systems Calculations ).


 RF Circuit Design  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - RF Circuit Design - Chris Bowick

TROUBLESHOOTING ANALOG CIRCUITS (The Edn Series for Design Engineers)

Robert A. Pease

Book cover - Troubleshooting Analog Circuits
If you are an analog or digital engineer/technician, experienced or neophyte, you'll find the legendary Bob Pease's approach to problem identification and isolation to be applicable to a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines. Based on Pease's immensely popular series in EDN MAGAZINE, he provides clear explanations and proven techniques.

Proven methods for troubleshooting analog circuits * Disk with approximately 60 pre-built Electronics Workbench circuits.
* Electronics Workbench software required. * Part of the EDN Series for Design Engineers. - 224 pages


 Troubleshooting Analog Circuits  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Troubleshooting Analog Circuits


Dr. R. V. Jones

Book cover - Most Secret War
O.K. why is Ian recommending a non-reference book?. Because this is simply the most fascinating book I have ever read and, it is all true. This is not fiction electronics.

I am a particular admirer of Dr. Jones. Over a fair period of time I've read and re-read this particular book three times, lent and recommended it to countless people. Simply amazing the part science, electronics in particular, played in WW11.

When I first read this book (an earlier edition) I was left with the overwhelming feeling of being a real mental pygmy. Dr. Jones experimented with infra-red, as one example, back in the late 1930's when it was considered pure science fiction.

This compelling book goes into great detail how science played such a huge part in allied success in WW11. It covers the fascinating topic of the "battle of the beams", that is, radio beams.

You can not help realise that if Dr. Jones did not have the personal ear of Winston Churchill the results might well have been quite different. This text is Jones's account of his part in British Scientific Intelligence between 1939 and 1949. It was his responsibility to anticipate German applications of science (electronics) to warfare, so that their new weapons could be countered before they were used.

Much of his work had to do with radio navigation, as in the Battle of the Beams, with radar, as in the Allied Bomber Offensive and in the preparations for D-Day and in the war at sea. He was also in charge of intelligence against the V-1 (flying bomb) and the V-2 (rocket) retaliation weapons and, although the Germans were some distance behind from success, against their nuclear developments.


 Most Secret War  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Most Secret War - Dr. R. V. Jones

Remember - Returns Are Easy!

AMAZON'S RETURN POLICY - U.S.A.:  Note under Amazon's Return Policy, you can within 30 days of receipt of your book, return your book in its original condition, for any reason, for a full refund (Amazon will also refund the shipping cost if the return is a result of Amazon's error).  Please read Amazon's Return Policy.


- Foulsham - Anthony Cawkwell CEng MIEE

Internationally famous this publication, "Towers' International Transistor Selector". A user friendly transistor characteristics - substitution book. You can't be without it.

The latest edition of a title which now includes around 2000 new entries and has been updated to take account of new technology.

Ideal for the engineer, technician and experimenter. My copy is an old edition.

482 pages Rev. Ed., Update 5 (19 July, 1996), published by Foulsham.

 Towers' International Transistor Selector - Update 5  ORDER - La FRANCE - Towers' International Transistor Selector - Update 5 - Disponibilité : généralement disponible en 1 à 2 semaines.

 Towers' International Transistor Selector  ORDER - U.K. - Towers' International Transistor Selector - Anthony Cawkwell CEng MIEE - Usually dispatched within 24 hours.



Hundreds of the very best projects from the G-QRP Club's magazine Sprat are brought together in this handy book. Includes low power transmitters, simple receivers, accessories, circuit and construction hints and antennas.

Ideal for the experimenter or someone who likes the fun of building and operating their own radio equipment.

320 pages. © 2001, published by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

 Low Power Scrapbook  ORDER - U.K. - Low Power Scrapbook - Radio Society Of Great Britain - Usually dispatched within 2 - 3 days.



A wealth of DIY and hobby projects written by experts who really understand home electronics construction.

Includes factsheets to help you learn electronics basics as you work through the book. The RSGB Electronics and Radio Cookbook is a unique collection of electronics projects, ideal for all electronics enthusiasts and experimenters. The simple step-by step instructions also make this book ideal for DIY enthusiasts and radio amateurs seeking to build up their electronics skills and knowledge. - 304 pages, NEW I haven't actually read this one yet.

 Radio and Electronics Cookbook  ORDER - U.S.A. - Radio and Electronics Cookbook - RSGB - This title is usually ships within 2 - 3 days.

 Radio and Electronics Cookbook  ORDER - U.K. - Radio and Electronics Cookbook - RSGB - This title is usually dispatched within 2-3 days.

A STRONG recommendation from a graduate student

MICROELECTRONIC CIRCUITS - Oxford Series in Electrical Engineering. Hardcover - 1360 pages 4th Bk&cdr edition (June 1997)

Book cover - Microelectronic Circuits
I quote -

"Dear Ian,

I strongly recommend Microelectronic Circuits by Adel Sedra and Kenneth Smith. It's a basic analog and digital electronics book that no person dabbling, for want of a better word, should be without. Perhaps some of the latter portions are more for an Electronics Engineer in VLSI - but it doesn't hurt to know ANYTHING. :) "

Book Description
Microelectronic Circuits, Fourth Edition is an extensive revision of the classic text by Adel S. Sedra and K. C. Smith. The primary objective of this text remains the development of the student's ability to analyze and design electronic circuits, both analog and digital, discrete and integrated. Fundamental developments in modern technology, particularly the increased emphasis on integrated circuits and the profusion of advances in digital electronics, require that engineers today be aptly...


 Microelectronic Circuits  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Microelectronic Circuits - Oxford Series in Electrical Engineering - A reference book highly recommended to me - Versandfertig in 24 Stunden.


- Third printing, 1994. © 1986, The American Radio Relay League, Inc.

I personally own two well worn out copies of this book although my copies are the 1977 editions. Absolutely superb value with so much easy to follow general design information. Full of information on Amateur Radio circuit design and applications, descriptions of receivers, transmitters, power supplies and test equipment. Much of the data cannot be found elsewhere. Essential for every technical library. 256 pages. Extremely cheap at the price and and an excellent "general electronics reference book".

 Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur  ORDER - U.S.A. - Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur - ARRL - again another book I can highly recommended to everyone with absolute confidence - Availability: This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks. Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock. Amazon will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title.


R. A. Penfold - Babani 256 pages

Book cover - Electronic Hobbyists Data Book
This book by Bob Penfold provides a very inexpensive source of a wide range of data. The subjects include:
  common circuits and related data,
 pin out details of a wide range of CMOS and TTL devices,
 colour codes,
 data and lead out of fets, transistors, diodes, triacs, thyristors.

 Electronic Hobbyists Data Book  ORDER - U.K. - Electronic Hobbyists Data Book - R. A. Penfold - This title is currently on order. We expect to be able to obtain it within a month.


- The American Radio Relay League, Inc.

Practical Circuits for Experimenters by the late Doug DeMaw, W1FB.

Just the book for the avid builder of Amateur Radio equipment. This plain-language book is filled with simple, practical projects that can be built using readily available components and common hand tools. There are explanations of how the various circuits work without heavy mathematical analysis. 200 pages.

 W1FB's Design Notebook  ORDER - U.S.A. - W1FB's Design Notebook - ARRL - yet again another book I can highly recommended to everyone with absolute confidence - Availability: This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks. Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock. Amazon will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title.


- Wes Hayward W7ZOI

Book cover - Introduction to Radio Frequency Design
Wes Hayward W7ZOI, is widely known as one of the most astute designers around, anyone involved in "home brewing" their own electronic equipment will sooner or later buy a Wes Hayward publication.

Wes is world famous for taking the complex and making it simple, for designing a wide range of test equipment you can build at home for a fraction of the cost of professional equipment with almost comparable performance. Wes's spectrum analyzer project is just one such "killer" application.


 Introduction to Radio Frequency Design  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Introduction to Radio Frequency Design - Wes Hayward W7ZOI -


Bill Orr W6SAI

Book cover - Radio Handbook
My copy of Bill Orr's Handbook is the 19th edition, 1975. Fortunately you can have later and revised editions. 672 pages 23Rd/Rpt edition (May 1997).


 Radio Handbook, Bill Orr W6SAI  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Radio Handbook - Bill Orr W6SAI


- Doug DeMaw, W1FB

Another famous title from our icon the late Doug DeMaw, a true "gentleman's gentleman" and a very innovative designer who affected and changed so many lives for the better.

 Practical RF Design Manual - Doug DeMaw, W1FB  ORDER - U.S.A. - Practical RF Design Manual - Doug DeMaw, W1FB - This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks.


Don Lancaster

Book cover - CMOS Cookbook
Another widely respected author who also has a fine sense of humour. A prolific writer and major contributor to columns in electronics magazines.

 CMOS Cookbook - Don Lancaster  ORDER - U.S.A. - CMOS Cookbook - Don Lancaster - This title usually ships within 2-3 days.

 CMOS Cookbook - Don Lancaster  ORDER - U.K. - CMOS Cookbook - Don Lancaster - Usually dispatched within 24 hours.

 CMOS Cookbook - Don Lancaster  ORDER - La FRANCE - CMOS Cookbook - Don Lancaster - Disponibilité : généralement disponible en 1 à 2 semaines.


Don Lancaster

Book cover - Lancaster's Active Filter Cookbook
A further title from this prolific author, perhaps this one is my personal favourite from Don's long list of contributions to electronics.


 Lancaster's Active Filter Cookbook - Don Lancaster  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - Lancaster's Active Filter Cookbook - Don Lancaster


Walter Jung

Book cover - IC Op-Amp Cookbook
Considered by many as the definitive book on Op-Amps. Terrible shame Walter's famous book on "555 Timers" is no longer in print, why?, if you ever see a second hand copy grab it.


 IC Op-Amp Cookbook - Walter Jung  ORDER - DEUTSCHLAND - IC Op-Amp Cookbook - Walter Jung


NOTE - I've not personally reviewed these publications. Just suggestions.

Book cover - R/C Pilot's Handbook
R/C Pilot's Handbook : Basic to Advanced Flying Techniques from the Pros - Gerry Yarrish





Book cover - Getting Started in Radio Control Airplanes
Getting Started in Radio Control Airplanes - Gerry Yarrish





Book cover - The Complete Marine Radio Control Manual
The Complete Marine Radio Control Manual - Hugh Bright





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